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Hi, I’m Sirena, owner of My SAS Couture, and its about time I introduce myself! This is my first time blogging about my life and career. I launched My SAS Couture in 2017 and am just now telling my story, but better late than never!

I always wanted to be my own boss, create a unique creative space where I could love what I do and share it with the world. I used to walk into boutiques and say, “One day I would love to have a store like this,” but I was so busy being a mom and a student that I always pushed the dream of owning a boutique to the back of my mind.

I love the stylish, quaint boutiques, especially the super cute baby boutiques… like omg all the adorable stuff they carry! At the time I was pregnant with my son and became obsessed with visiting boutiques and searching for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Visiting these stores, seeing all the cute and expensive stuff for kids and babies, inspired me to start thinking about opening a boutique a little more seriously. Of course I wanted to buy everything, but I was stopped in my tracks every time because I thought, “Damn, everything is so pricey!” I wanted to have a boutique that carried all of the cute and fashionable pieces like these other boutiques, but at a reasonable/affordable price. As a mother on-the-go, I understand the daily mom-hustle and I don’t think we should have to sacrifice style because of our budget.

I finished school and graduated from the University of Houston in December 2014. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Yes… I went to school and have a degree that I don’t even use! LOL, but I digress.

After I finished school, my mom pushed me to start looking for a job. Living in Houston by myself with my daughter and son, made it a little difficult to find a job and be the best mom I could be. I was alone and needed help with my little ones. That’s where the idea of me moving closer to my mom came up. At the time she was living in the Valley and tried to transfer her job to Houston, but that did not happen. The closest she could get to me was San Antonio. So, she moved here, while I stayed in Houston, refusing to move. I loved Houston and was trying my best to stay there. Finally after a year I finally gave into my mom’s idea of moving to San Antonio. So I packed up my babies and we moved our lives to San Antonio!

As we settled into our new city, the intensity of having to find a job loomed over me, but I struggled with wanting to have a job that was flexible enough to be around for my kiddos. That’s when it hit me, why not take the leap and open my own boutique! I’ve always said I would love to have a shop like all the ones I’ve walked into.

I love fashion, especially certain expensive designers (Who doesn’t?). I love shopping. So, finally I said, that’s it-why not? I’m going to open my own boutique for women and young girls. I came up with the name for my boutique, using the first initial of my name and my children. My S (Sirena) A (Aiden) S (Serenity) Couture.

I registered my business, found a designer to help me with my brand and website and started looking for a store front. My search for a location was incredibly discouraging, because I didn’t have the capital to go all in. So, I decided to launch an online boutique. Having an actual store was going to have to wait, and I would have to grow my business one step at a time, but my dream was starting to come to life.

The process of designing and creating my webpage began in October 2016. My SAS Couture, became fully registered and known as a DBA in November 16’. Things were coming together and I was loving the whole process of designing my brand. From color scheme all the way to choosing font styles, was all me. My website was done and ready to launch right before Christmas. I decided to wait until after the holidays to launch the website. The holidays passed and I was getting so nervous on launching my webpage. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to start and run my own business. I had all kinds of emotions going on! Finally, I launched My SAS, January 17, 2017.

It’s been over a year and I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. Trying to promote my brand has been difficult for me to do on my own. I came upon a person that said they could help me with marketing last year and well, that didn’t go good at all! I got screwed and lied to, but I’m looking at it as a lesson learned.

I stayed positive and with the encouragement from my family, I continued to push forward on social media and participating in events. Again the thought of getting someone to help me occurred, but I was scared to trust someone again. I was jaded and anxious. I needed help though! I talked to my supporters and decided I needed to take the chance and find someone to help.

Thinking back of an event I was apart of, the Everybody Beautiful event, I remembered meeting Danielle, owner of Lustrous PR. I reached out to Danielle the end of April and explained to her what I wanted to do and what my goals were. Instantly, after meeting with her, I decided to work with her and get her help. It’s going on two months with her help and I couldn’t be happier on the direction we’re going. Deciding to work with Danielle, has been awesome! She’s already helped me with marketing and has introduced me to wonderful people.

We have exciting and good things that are going to happen this year, but I’ll leave that for another post.

- Sirena

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